Avoid an Accident by Having the Brakes Inspected on Your Car Today

An essential safety features on an automobile is the brake system. Without functioning breaks, the auto will fail to slow down or stop when in motion. This can result in damages that range from a minor fender bender to a life-threatening accident. With such a vital role in providing safety while operating a car, it is important to have a brake repair in Davenport, IA area completed. An automobile with functioning brakes can help reassure the car will stop even with very little notice. The occupants of the vehicle and other drivers’ safety will be ensured when the brakes are working properly.


Five Signs a Vehicle’s Brakes Need to be Repaired


  1. 1.  The auto pulls to the side when the driver applies the brakes to slow or stop the car.
  2. 2.  There is a grinding or squealing noise when the brakes are applied.
  3. 3.  Brake repair in Davenport, IA is necessary when the auto vibrates or shakes when the driver brakes.
  4. 4.  When pressure is applied to the brake pedal and it almost touches the floor of the auto is a good sign the brakes are malfunctioning.
  5. 5.  The brakes stick when pressure is applied to the pedal and does not release when the driver’s foot is removed.

Do Not Risk Your Life or Others when an Affordable Solution is Available


If you have noticed that your brakes are squealing or the auto pulls to the side when you try to stop, you should immediately have the brakes inspected. The skilled professionals at Bi-State Auto Service Center will fully inspect your braking system to determine if they are working properly. If they find an issue, they will consult with you on the problem and how they can fix the issue before beginning any work on the car.


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