2016’s New Cars in Manitowoc Wi Hit the Lot and Make a Big Splash

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Automotive

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There was a period where the auto industry is against the ropes. The industry demands and precarious position the major auto manufacturers went through are now changing the landscape in 2016. It takes years for changes to be implemented. Some of the decisions and adjustments for the 106 inventory began during the industry-changing years of 2009 and 2010. This is the first year where the major changes are being rolled out, and that has made 2016 a daring, provocative, and fantastic year to buy a new car. Below are three New Cars in Manitowoc Wi for 2016 that are gaining major traction in major publications. These New Cars are leading the pack in quality and longevity.

Cadillac Sheboygan 2016

The Turbo Luxury Collection from Cadillac is unleashing the acclaimed Cadillac Sheboygan ATS. It is an automatic sedan, perfect for small-sized families that need a quality economical car. It performs 22 mpg in the city and an impressive 30 on highway.

Read more about the vehicle at this link, http://sheboyganauto.com/New-2016-Cadillac-ATS-Sheboygan-WI/vd/29677242. Buyers can potentially wait and sign up at the link to be alerted on a potential price drop.

2016 Buick Enclave

Fitted with a gorgeous moonroof wheels, high-tech equipment including a near-hit signaling alarm, and some other excellent accessory features, the Enclave is the result of major industry tinkering. They have cultivated a formidable balance of quality and power in this acclaimed four-door SUV.

Find more on at the link http://sheboyganauto.com/New-2016-Buick-Enclave-Leather-Sheboygan-WI/vd/29593928. Potential buyers will also find a video review of the Enclave for 2016.

Chevrolet Colorado LT Truck

Chevrolet has slowly overtaken Ford and Dodge for many enthusiasts of trucks and new cars in Manitowoc Wi. Their line-up has been impressive, and their Colorado LT continues their hot streak. Find out all the details on the Colorado LT here at http://sheboyganauto.com/New-2016-Chevrolet-Colorado-LT-Sheboygan-WI/vd/30683596. Value a trade and review financing options without leaving the computer.

These New Cars in Manitowoc Wi are selling fast as the economy rebounds and the 2016 models are earning rave reviews. It seems auto manufacturers are using their second chances wisely to develop high-grade vehicles that consistently improve from 2014 and 2015. Visit here for more.

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