3 Signs of Suspension Problems

The suspension system is one of the most overlooked by most drivers. However, as springs, struts and shocks wear, the vehicle will not handle as well as it should and there will be increased wear on other vehicle components. Knowing the signs of suspension problems can help car owners to know when his or her suspension system needs serviced.

Odd Tire Wear

Each tire on a vehicle should wear evenly. If one tire on a vehicle is wearing more than the others, there is a good chance that the vehicle has a suspension problem. The tread on a tire should also wear evenly. Tread that is worn more on the outside, inside or middle may be showing signs of being out of alignment or another suspension issue.

Clunking Noises

When a vehicle goes over a speedbump, pothole or other obstruction, it should not make any noises. A clunking sound that is made when going over a bump is likely due to a loose or worn suspension problem. If a car is making a clunking sound, it needs to be brought into VIP Tire for service of the suspension near Midway. Suspension systems can also make squeaking noises when going over a bump. In many cases, squeaking is not a sign of a safety problem but the squeaking can be quite annoying. Squeaking suspension systems can be fixed.


Modern vehicles use a combination of springs and shocks to cushion the vehicle’s ride and to prevent bouncing. If a vehicle only used springs, it would bounce up and down like a ball. When shocks and struts begin to fail, a vehicle will bounce up and down a few times after going over a bump. Bouncing is a serious problem as the vehicle’s tires will not properly grip the road when it is bouncing upward.

Whether a driver needs assistance with tires or suspension near Midway or other parts of Chicago, VIP Tire is ready to help. Contact VIP Tire by phone at (773)767-6800 or online at VIPtire.com.


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