4 Signs You Need to Hightail It Out of that Dealership

Dodgy car dealers are always going to put you at a disadvantage. Here are a couple of red flashing signs that tell you you’re at a bad one. As soon as you see any of these, hightail it out of there:

Poor quality of inventory

If the cars look like they’re older than dirt and that they’ve survived several problems, then it’s probably a good idea to skip them, says U.S. News. Go to another dealership, one that keeps its Benz makes and models in top form.

Look for a shop

Reliable Mercedes Benz Dealers have repair shops or offer repair and maintenance services. That makes it easy for them to address any problems or issues with any car you buy from them. Some even provide repair packages you can avail of. When you look for a dealer, be sure to go for one with these services.

Get the title

Any self-respecting buyer knows that it’s always iffy if the dealer can’t produce the title. If they keep making up excuses not to show you the title, that could be a sign that you aren’t seeing the complete picture. If you can’t get the title, that could lead to a lot of problems. So don’t sign or buy anything unless you have it in your hands.

Ask about warranties

One trait of trustworthy Mercedes Benz Dealers is that they’re confident about their warranty offers. That’s because they know the benefits of the coverage and policy they offer. They also know the ins and outs of the warranty so if there’s anything that confuses you, just ask them to clear those up. They’ll be happy to provide you with any information you need to assist you in your buying decisions.


Good ones can help you make the most out of buying the Benz model you’ve always wanted.


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