A guide to vehicle wraps

Although custom vehicle paint jobs can still be had, vehicle wraps have taken over as the primary way to do vehicle letting in Southlake, TX. Vehicle wraps do more than just show your companies name, address and contact number, the wrap allows your company vehicles to become full time rolling billboards. The cost of a full vehicle wrap is a lot less than one-month duration, 30-second TV advertisement. For a fraction of the cost, you can advertise perhaps for the life of the vehicle.


Pros and cons of a vehicle wrap:


Before you decide on getting a vehicle wrap, consider the pros and cons:



1. Exposure: A vehicle with a wrap can generate from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day. The number of views of course depends on the amount of driving, but industrial and commercial vehicles are usually on the road for an extended period every day.


2. Longevity: A professionally applied wrap can last anywhere from three to five years; the cost per year is reasonable.


3. Protect the vehicle finish: A wrap does not harm the vehicles finish when it is removed. This maximizes the resale value of the vehicle.


4. Easy to remove and repair: A wrap which includes vehicle lettering in Southlake, TX can be removed and leave no trace of its existence. In the event of wrap damage, an individual panel can be replaced; the entire wrap does not have to be re-done.


5. Exclusive: With other forms of advertising, such as rotating billboards, you share space and time with others. A vehicle wrap advertises your company exclusively.


6. Increased visibility: For companies that have a fleet of vehicles, such as bus companies or delivery services, the value of the advertising wraps increases exponentially.



1. Expensive: A vehicle wrap, including lettering in Southlake, TX can cost several thousand dollars. It is priced on a per square foot basis, and the payment must be made up-front, no refund possible.


2. Wear over time: Although the material itself is guaranteed for 5 to 10 years, the wrap has an anticipated life expectancy of three years. If the wrap is left on the vehicle for more than three years, it becomes more difficult to remove.


3. Damaged or repainted vehicles: vehicle wraps adhere best to factory paint finishes; they do not adhere well to repainted vehicles or vehicles with a lot of dents and exterior damage. The wrap does not adhere well and is subject to bubbling.


4. Limited short term potential: if you use your delivery vehicles to advertise sales or special offers available in the store, the cost can be excessive as the time frame is usually short lived.


Vehicle wraps can be had, which cover the entire vehicle or only half. Window graphics and spot graphics are available and are often used on busses or vehicles, which require simple vehicle lettering in Southlake, TX.



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