A Transmissions Garland Service Center Can Diagnose Faulty Components

There are many different parts to a vehicle and its drive-train. One of the most integral is the transmission. Unfortunately, depending on the make and model of car, transmission replacement can be quite costly for the owner. However, not all problems require solutions which are that drastic. Two of the most common and easily fixable transmission issues include faulty solenoids and leaking fluid. A transmissions Garland repair facility can diagnose and address component failure and fluid leakage.
Why Transmissions Leak
Gaskets and seals are the areas in which fluid can leak from. The primary reason is that seals and gaskets are under pressure. In the presence of heat and acids, these rubbery components can begin shrinking and hardening. When they have lost their elasticity, transmission fluid can start to seep out. Many people after noticing that transmission fluid levels are low neglect to get service performed. There are store products available that claim to stop leaks by swelling the rubber compound. Unfortunately, some solvents can effect fluid lubrication which creates even more friction.
Solenoid Control
A transmission solenoid is essential to making certain parts are well lubricated. Whenever a customer visits a transmission shop with a low fluid level, the transmission technician routinely checks this part for functionality. The solenoid controls the amount of fluid entering the system. If it comes damaged or broken, this flow is interrupted. Therefore, the transmission will either be extremely low on fluid or becomes flooded. Both of these scenarios are not good and can lead to extensive damage to the entire system.
Transmission Replacement
Certified mechanics are trained to inspect your transmission for damaged and worn out parts. When damage is so extensive that repairs are not feasible, a full transmission replacement is necessary. Many repair facilities have units that are rebuilt to factory specification. Some also offer manufacturer or factory transmissions for customers that prefer them. A system with refurbished equipment and parts will be far less expensive when compared to an original unit. Due to their rugged design and longevity, for most people a rebuilt transmission is an ideal solution.
Maintenance and Prevention
The best way to avoid mechanical problems is through planned maintenance and service. Every reputable transmissions Garland facility recommends this to their clients. Because transmission repairs and replacements are often extensive in nature, spending a little more on preventative measures can pay off in the long run. Bring your vehicle in to a certified mechanic and have your transmission checked annually.


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