Advantages Of New And Used Cars

In a great number of cases the decision to buy a car hinges on whether to buy new or used. There are a variety of reasons to favor one over the other but it normally boils down to how much money you can afford to spend on a car and what car will give you peace of mind.


If you are on a restricted budget the used Fords in Hickory Hills will certainly give you the most car for your money. Try and name a new car that you can buy for $12,000, it will be next to impossible but the selection of $12,000 used cars is endless. For this money, about half the price of an average new car you can buy a great three or four year old used car, usually a bigger car loaded with features as well.


Of course buying used cars come with their own risks; in some cases the cost of ownership will be high over the years you own it. When you buy a used car you are buying a car that has been owned and driven by someone you don’t know, there is no way that you can be sure that it has been treated well and well maintained.


For some buyers a used car is not an option, they want a car that has never been owned by anyone else. These buyers want to choose everything including the color and optional equipment. There is certainly pride of ownership when you are the first owner; there are other tangible advantages as well.


Low maintenance: There will be no need for maintenance for several thousand miles and even then the only thing will be an oil change and perhaps a tuneup. A new car will not need tires, a battery, brake service, etc for the first couple of years at least.


Warranty: You can expect at least a three year warranty minimum. If something goes wrong during the warranty it is the dealer’s problem, not yours.


There is also the fact that your new car is covered by your states lemon laws should it turn out that way.


Why buy used?


There are many people who are well aware of the advantages of buying used Fords in Hickory Hills. A typical used car will not have the same warranty as a new car but what is left of the new car warranty is transferable. There is a wide proliferation of certified pre-owned programs that makes buying a used car a terrific option.


If you are looking for used Fords in Hickory Hills you will not do any better than the huge selection found at Hawk Ford. Get the best deal on your trade in as well as instant pre-approval for a loan. Browse the site for more information.


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