An Auto Towing Company In El Cajon Can Help With All Of Your Vehicles Needs

When your vehicle is involved in an auto accident or breaks down, it can create a stressful situation trying to get it towed to a garage that can identify and repair the problem. You should consider an Auto Towing Company in El Cajon that performs towing, vehicle repair, and bodywork all in one location. Many vehicle engine repair shops don’t perform auto body work and vice versa. In other cases, these types of repair shops don’t offer towing service, which adds another telephone call to fix the situation. When you contact a towing company that performs all of the necessary repairs, one telephone call will eliminate added work and stress.




Whether someone’s broken down on the side of the road or in their driveway, a rapid response to having their vehicle towed to a repair shop is important. When an owner contacts a reputable company, they won’t have to leave a message and wait for a dispatcher or tow truck driver to return their call. They will speak to a live person to discuss the situation and make the necessary arrangements.


Auto Body Service


Being involved in an accident is stressful enough, and when a driver contacts an Auto Towing Company in El Cajon, they can feel confident their vehicle will be carefully towed to a garage who can perform all of the necessary repairs. An experienced towing company will offer uni-body and perimeter frame repair, measuring, wheel alignment, light or heavy damage repair, color matching, dent removal, restoration, bumper repair, and pick up and drop off service.


Engine Repairs


ASE-certified technicians can perform engine repairs on foreign or domestic cars, trucks, and SUV’s. They can also perform oil changes, regular maintenance, tire installation, and any major or minor repair of a vehicle. There will never be any reason an owner will be turned away for repairs of their vehicle because they service every type that is made.


If you need auto repair to any part of your vehicle or require towing, please visit They offer a variety of services in El Cajon that will make getting your vehicle repaired easier. You can also follow them on Twitter.


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