Answers If You Need Health Insurance in Austin, Texas

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Health care, along with appropriate insurance is on the minds of most people in America today. People could be financially ruined if they become ill and without having health insurance. Many people in the country, however, don’t have health insurance, because the coverage they need is so expensive. Therefore, it is important to shop around, finding the right, affordable coverage for you and your family.

If you are shopping for health insurance in Austin, TX, contact Patrick Court. Court is a State Farm insurance agent, and informs customers about the company’s health care plans. State Farm sells individual insurance plans through an agreement with Assurant Health. Available plans include major medical, short term medical coverage, fixed indemnity plans and medicare supplemental insurance. Medicare may not pay one hundred percent of all medical costs. Supplemental insurance helps pay some of the uncovered costs, like deductibles and co-pays. Supplemental insurance also pays some hospital and medical services not covered by medicare.

If the employer does not offer health insurance in Austin, TX, look at many of the available major medical plans. Some pay one hundred percent for many services, before the deductible is met. There are no yearly dollar limits on hospitalization, emergency care, outpatient care, prescriptions and doctor visits. Some plans allow clients to choose their own doctors and hospitals. However, there are discounts for using network providers. Offered plans start at $90.74 monthly for individuals, and $184.29 for families.

Fixed-benefit insurance sets a certain amount that a client may use for doctor’s visits, hospital care, etc. There are three plans available that vary in benefit levels for services. These plans pay a certain amount for each service, and the client must pay the balance. Individual fixed-rate monthly plans start at $67.00 per month, while family plans start at $134.00 monthly. Short term insurance is for people who may be in-between jobs, or waiting for the next open enrollment from their employer. Short term plans are available from 30 days to 360 days. Premiums start at $119.00 monthly for individuals, and $238.00 monthly for families. There are affordable health insurance plans available, to fit almost any circumstance. Call an insurance agent to learn more.

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