Auto Body Repair San Marcos Emergency Preparedness Tips

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Auto body repair

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Accidents, natural disasters and other automotive emergencies happen to even to the best drivers. Keeping your car in the best shape with auto body repair San Marcos reduces your chances of getting into an accident. You also should make sure your spare tire is in good shape. You also should keep an emergency kit in your car. Here is what to pack in the kit.

Even temperate climates can get cold at night, so if you are stranded overnight, at least you have a blanket to keep you warm. Blankets also can act as make-shift stretchers for pets or a child hit by a car.

Water is good for a variety of emergency situations, from getting stranded in unexpected traffic to topping off your antifreeze tank. Keep a two-liter bottle in the trunk. During freezing temperatures, keep the water in your home, unless your car’s heater works well enough to melt a frozen bottle of water.

Extra Automotive Fluids
If you have an older car, it usually needs more oil than a newer car. Always keep a quart of oil in the trunk. During the winter, keep a bottle of antifreeze and extra windshield wiper fluid. All cars should have extra containers of brake fluid. Automatic vehicles should carry extra automatic transmission fluid.

Fire Extinguisher
Place a portable fire extinguisher in your glove compartment or trunk. Be sure to replace it every year whether it has been used or not. Old fire extinguishers can be unpredictable and may not work when you need them.

Automotive Tools
Although there are many pre-assembled auto emergency kits sold in stores, they usually consist of the same tools. They include jumper cables, a Phillips screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver, pliers, electrical tape, duct tape, funnel, sharp-edged tool like a knife or box opener and an adjustable wrench.

Rags are good to clean up spills, handle dirty tools or to tie on an aerial to indicate that you are in trouble. Some people prefer keeping a roll of paper towels in their car since rags can become smelly if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Paper towels and clean rags can also be used aas emergency toilet paper.

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