Bet You Didn’t Know Tires Could Be So Complicated

Tires keep us safe when we are driving our vehicles on the road. Among other things, tires should always be in good condition and should never be overlooked. The sad thing is that we don’t normally check our vehicles except at that last minute when we have to or when we get off the highway.

But what about those tires? Have you ever stopped to think about just how many types and classes of tires are there in the market? Even if we disregard the very large tires that are available for earth-moving equipment, construction and airfield equipment and the larger commercial vehicles and narrow it down to automobiles, there is still a bewildering array of tires to choose from. What do you know about such things as speed rating and load index, or the difference between winter and summer traction, winter slush evacuation from tread contact path? It’s all getting a bit too technical.

Now did you know that if your tires have a void ratio redistributed for increased tire to road contact you’ll get improved tread wear and handling or that a zigzag pattern improves winter performance while retaining wet traction? Bet you didn’t know that.

Did you know that even in this day and age, some tires are actually designed for retreading to satisfy company fleet owners? You may not have come across various tires for sport utility vehicle, quiet ride tires for increased ride comfort, for all-terrain, touring, off-road mud and sand and even tires incorporating special rubber protectors to guard against rim wear on curb scuffing. And on a wet surface, a coupled silica tread compound increases wet traction without increasing tire wear, whilst a polymer matrix keeps your tires pliable at lower temperatures.

Confused? Don’t be. Research and modern technology can provide us with all the information we need to find just the right Cooper tire for our own vehicle. Whether the objective is to deliver goods in a light commercial vehicle, operate a passenger bus service, or drive a jeep over the wildest landscape, race around Minnesota or deliver heavy goods across the American Continent, your local Cooper Gettysburg PA area tire stockist will have the answers to point you in the right direction. They can make sure that you stay as safe as possible for your travel to work, your round of calls or your everyday drive along the highway networks of the US.

Don’t let those tires loose their tread below the legal limit before you pay a visit to your local Cooper tire stockist in Gettysburg PA.


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