Buy the Right Gear Before Riding a Harley Davidson in Greensburg

Motorcycling can be dangerous. According to data from NHTSA, it is 33 times more dangerous than driving an automobile. However, that should not deter new riders from taking up the hobby. With the right gear, a motorcyclist can enjoy the ride without getting seriously hurt. Click here to learn more about the selection of riding gear available at Harley Davidson in Greensburg.

The Helmet

The most important piece of motorcycling gear is the helmet. While many areas have no helmet law, there are tremendous advantages to wearing a helmet when riding. A full-face helmet can protect the rider’s face and head, and it can keep bugs out of the mouth and eyes. Most importantly, it is the law in some areas and a rider without a helmet in such a jurisdiction can receive an expensive citation.


Another critical piece of riding equipment is a good pair of gloves. In an accident, motorcyclists may fly through the air, and they may extend their hands to protect themselves. Riding gloves provide a barrier between the operator’s hands and the road. Beyond their crash protection benefits, riding gloves look tough and rugged-;which is why many people take up the riding hobby to begin with.

The Jacket

Motorcycle jackets are popular pieces of riding gear because they look cool and they can offer warmth and protection. Jackets can be made of a variety of materials, and most offer some degree of protection from the elements. While it may be uncomfortable to wear a jacket during the summer, it’s better to sweat a little than it is to end up with a serious case of road rash.


Motorcycle boots have also found their way into the mainstream. They look great, but they also offer traction and protect the feet in the event of a crash. Boots should be sturdy and protect the ankles. For those who want a shoe-like appearance and fit, certain manufacturers make shoes specifically designed for those who ride a Harley Davidson in Greensburg.

While motorcycling is an exciting hobby, it can be dangerous if the rider doesn’t wear the right gear. Buying the right riding gear is an important step in protecting the rider from injury after an accident. With the right helmet, jacket, boots and gloves, a motorcyclist can stay safe while looking great.


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