Buying a Car in August? Lincoln Car Dealers Have a Few Helpful Tips

You’re ready to buy a new car–that’s great news! But when exactly do you plan on buying one? If you already have a specific make and model in mind, and money isn’t an issue, don’t delay any longer. Upgrade your vehicle and buy yourself a newer, better, and safer to drive one. Remember that driving a car that can break down anytime is both inconvenient and dangerous. According to many Lincoln car dealers, August is an ideal month to buy a car, so the stars have aligned for you for this moment, so to speak.

Why August?

If you’ve been preparing to buy a new car for a while, you’ve probably learned that the worst months to buy are between February and June. That’s because most consumers get their tax refunds during these months, and dealerships know about it. As a result, dealerships lever up their prices because they know most of these refunds are big enough for most citizens to afford a car.

Come late summer, particularly August, car purchases start to subside. Those who did not buy during late winter through spring are most likely waiting for the new models to roll out, which usually begins in September. If you’re not in the market to buy the newest model, then you’re in luck because dealerships start lowering the prices of their old stock to begin emptying their showrooms in late August. Dealers are preparing to have the newest cars displayed come September.

If not August, when?

But if you’re still not prepared to purchase a vehicle in August, then the last four months of the year are the next best time to do so. It takes a while for dealerships to get rid of old models, so expect them to have a few units remaining until December. That’s why August is the best time to buy because this is when there are still good models available. Even if they are in demand, you’ll barely feel any price increases as dealerships focus on getting rid of their old stocks.

The first wave of price cuts is often the biggest to signal the start of the clearing. But prices will keep falling from there until the last unit gets sold. So you can either wait until very few choices are left or buy now while catalogs are still plentiful.

What are you buying?

Are you still deciding between a brand new car and a used one? A brand new car is always the better option, but a used car will also do if you’re on a budget. Many used cars are still in prime condition. You just have to know where to look.

You may also consider trading your current vehicle if you don’t want to own multiple cars. That will significantly reduce your cost, and you might be able to buy the exact brand you like. If the new models are already on the market, find Lincoln dealerships that offer trade-in options for these vehicles.

Be a wise investor

Your vehicles may be one of your fastest depreciating properties, but they are still your investments. Your ROI: easy and convenient transportation. Who knows how many opportunities you’ll have missed if you didn’t own a car or if your car breaks down and is unusable every now and then? So, be wise when buying a car. Do your homework before stepping into a dealership. Check out Baldwin Lincoln car dealer in the New Orleans, LA area.


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