Buying A Car- Owners Vs. Dealerships

Buying a used car definitely has its benefits over buying a new car; especially when it comes to saving money. There are some differences in buying from a private owner or a Chevrolet dealership in San Antonio and reasons to consider both options.

When buying from an owner, you are buying from a person who has put their ad in the paper or online in an attempt to sell their car, and these are generally great opportunities for getting a great deal. Some of the very best deals can be found at estate sales of from an elderly owner who maybe didn’t put a whole lot of mileage on the vehicle. Buying from an owner also makes for less pressure and a less intimidating situation when it comes to negotiations. There’s no need to sit anxiously awaiting for a salesman to go speak to his boss in the backroom to get a negotiation approved or to have to try really hard to skillfully haggle with a salesman who is all smiles but who has perfected the art of the sale and might be less interested in your needs over that of meeting his monthly goals. When buying from an owner, they don’t have any upgrades to try to sell you, they just have the one car and are more than likely anxious to please you.

There are some disadvantages to going with an owner over looking to a salesman at a Chevrolet dealership in San Antonio. Owners might view their car in a lot brighter light than the condition of the car actually merits, and because of this, they’re more defensive of its overall quality and perhaps less likely to negotiate. Often times, owners are attached to their cars. To them their car holds a lot of memories of significance which make it a lot more valuable in their eyes.
Owners cannot offer any warranties or certifications. Generally, the sale is settled “as is” which means if there is a problem with the car, it becomes your problem once you’ve bought it and you can’t demand that the seller take it back and fix the issue.

Some advantages to buying a car at a Chevrolet dealership in San Antonio include the certified pre-owned program which offers a warranty for the car. You can feel more secure in knowing that the vehicle you purchased has been thoroughly inspected and is in good condition which is a lot more than many owners can promise. You may also benefit from extra services such as getting a free oil change and a detailing job out of the deal as well as a discount on your first service with the dealership.

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