Buying Automotive Parts in North Dakota

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Vehicles

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The question of buying auto parts from a dealer vs. buying from an aftermarket maker is almost as old as automobiles themselves. Dealers and manufacturers often advertise their “genuine” parts, and for good reason. Genuine parts were made by the same machines making the car’s original parts, and as such they match original tolerances for tensile strength, thickness, clearance and size. However, prices on genuine parts can become inflated, especially if the car has gone out of production. In this article, drivers will learn how they can save on repair costs by buying aftermarket auto parts from Business Name.


Parts built by the same manufacturer as those installed by the factory are referred to as “OEM”, or original equipment manufacturer. Aftermarket parts weren’t authorized as original equipment on the assembly line, but they approach or match manufacturer specs in terms of function, dimensions and appearance.

Using Aftermarket Parts

Many aftermarket parts makers are interested in making products that exceed OEM quality; the repair shop knows where to find them. There are countless choices in fluid lines, pumps, wheels, tires, brake parts and other pieces that outperform OEM Automotive Parts in North Dakota, and reputable manufacturers back their parts with failure warranties.

Where to Buy Aftermarket Parts

Parts houses offer convenience and fast shipping to repair facilities when the parts are bought online. Chain stores are a reliable bet because they can easily tell quality parts makers from the bad ones, and most have good exchange policies. The repair facility will try to find the newest parts possible and get them in-hand within 48 hours.

How a Repair Facility Chooses a Good Online Parts Seller

Repair shops have to research parts sellers, just like do-it-yourselfers do. They test e-commerce websites by searching for parts for various vehicles, looking for errors in product descriptions and specifications. If there’s not much variation from one listing to another, a good shop will find another source for the parts. Reliable auto repair shops will only buy Automotive Parts in North Dakota from manufacturers that provide warranties, and they will keep customers informed as to parts and labor warranty policies. You can also visit them on Google+ for more information.

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