Can Going To Chicago’s Airport Help Your car To Stop More Quickly, Efficiently And Safely?

The airport known as MDW was called Chicago Air Park when it opened in 1923 on a 320 acre site some eight miles from the Chicago Loop on that city’s southwest side. It had a single, cinder runway and was mainly used for the fledgling airmail industry. The city became involved in 1926 and renamed it as Chicago Municipal Airport in 1927. During this period; it was expanded to four runways (lit up for night flights) and twelve hangers. An additional terminal opened in 1931 and, soon after, it was claimed to be world’s busiest airport. It was renamed to today’s name in 1949 in commemoration of the WW2 Battle Of Midway.


Why Advertise Brake Repair At An Airport?


Many airlines have their maintenance facilities located within airports; but these are purely for servicing their planes. These are not usually open to the general public and definitely do not undertake any sort of automobile servicing.


Back at the dawn of air travel; it was possible to literally use a town’s main street as a runway. However, planes rapidly grew in size and the frequency of flights greatly increased. This led to a very real need to locate airports outside of the highly populated areas. Following this rate of expansion; it became obvious that few people wished to have their domestic residences alongside an airport or directly beneath a flight path.


However, airports attract people and the land outside their perimeter fences became seen as prime commercial real estate. Hence, people would locate business – like auto repair shops – on the land close by to an airport and a brake servicing shop would be ideally suited.


Brake Repair Around Midway Airport


Whether it is a foot, hand, automatic; or, of any other type; it is essential to everyone’s safety that it is working efficiently and always available to do its job of stopping the car when moving and holding the car stationary when stopped (either temporarily at such as a traffic signal; or, when parked up –particularly if on a slope). Shoes and discs can and will wear out and need replacement; hydraulic activation systems will require that the operating fluid levels be checked and any worn seals be replaced; likewise, mechanical or electronic linkage systems need to be regularly inspected.


These are all aspects of automobile servicing that cannot be overlooked. VP Tire is one such shop that has taken advantage of an airport locality to provide Brake Repair at Midway.  Visit VIP Tire at


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