Car Care Basics: Engine Car Maintenance Tips

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Automotive

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Car maintenance is essential if you want it to last longer. If you’ve been skipping these tasks or if they keep slipping your mind, here’s a handy list of tips we’ve prepared for you. Cover your bases by putting them to good use.

Get an oil change

This is vital to the health of your engine, Moving says. While others say you’ll need to get an oil change every three months or when you hit 3,000 miles—whichever comes first—the only way to tell is to check your manual. This should contain everything you need about the car’s maintenance, as well as on how long the intervals must be between your oil changes. Bring your car to the Centerville Service Center for Thorough Engine Repair Services in Centerville, OH.

Get them faster

If you drive in dusty conditions regularly, often find yourself in stop-and-go traffic or tow a trailer, you’ll need to go for oil changes much more frequently, though. The recommended interval between changes may not apply to you, if your ride is affected by any or all of these three situations.

Toss your oil filter

You can’t get an oil change without having your oil filter changed as well. Dirt and debris that finds its way into the oil over time compromises the quality of the substance. If you get an oil change, but your filter is still clogged with debris and other contaminants, then that’s still going to compromise your driving performance on the road. Get a new filter whenever you get an oil change.

Ask for help

These are just a few tips to help you maintain your car. If you ever need Thorough Engine Repair Services in Centerville, OH, look for Centerville Service Center today.

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