Car Painting in Johnson City Will Match Your Vehicle Color Exactly

There was a time when a collision repair shop matched the paint on your vehicle by “eyeballing” it, and hoping the new paint didn’t make the vehicle look like a two tone rolling machine. However, often the difference in paint colors would be very noticeable in daylight and even in the dark of night. Most people accepted this condition because most collision repair shops did it, although some were better than others. Often, it was mere luck.

Superior quality collision repair and car painting is done at Car Painting in Johnson County. It’s state of the art facility is equipped with the latest technology to repair cars and trucks of all sizes. The paint department is a clean space to ensure a perfect finish for your new paint. They use high quality DuPont products and proven techniques for preparing your vehicle and car painting to ensure lasting value.

Car Painting in Johnson County is done with the help of some high tech methods to get the paint to exactly match the paint on your vehicle. PPG auto paint is used, and it is made to match your vehicle by adding the color that exactly matches the paint on your vehicle. This is accomplished by referring to the vehicle ID plate which is usually mounted on the door post. This plate contains tire pressure recommendations and other pertinent data such as the code for the paint on your vehicle. This code is entered into a machine that puts the precise amount of color into the PPG paint. When mixed, the paint will match the color perfectly. Of course, the vehicle is put through a drying process and then the color should be exact.

A special area of the shop is set aside to prep the vehicle for painting. This area is kept free of dirt which could get on the part that is to be painted and leave a rough area. The painting is done in an enclosed area which is always free of dirt and sanding residue. The Warrensburg Collision Repair Center is capable of painting vehicles to your standard.


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