Car Rental in Covington, LA Shares Tips on Negotiating Car Prices

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Autos

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Buying a car is always exciting, whether it’s a brand new or a used vehicle. After all, it’s weeks of test drives, sliding into rich leather seats, and thinking which color you want. When you’ve picked that best one, then it’s time to talk numbers. Make sure that you master these negotiation tips given by a car rental in Covington, LA, and you’ll have the upper hand in negotiating for the vehicle you’ve picked.

Be Ready

Know what type of car will suit your needs. Do you need an SUV for your off-road adventures or a minivan to load up the kids after soccer practice? Decide what your needs are first. Then work out your budget and get pre-approved for a car loan.

Getting pre-approved means that you have options at the time of purchase. You won’t have to agree to an auto loan that only benefits the dealer. It’s best to walk into a dealership knowing what you want and what your budget is. Salespeople won’t be able to sway you to take the “deal of the week,” even if it’s a good one but not exactly what you need.

Gather Information

This applies to all aspects of the buying process. Apart from the car and loans, you should also check out the dealership itself. Check the reviews and see if the place you’re considering buying from has positive feedback. There are many customer review sites like Yelp which specifically indicate auto dealer ratings.

Sniff Out Those Deals

There are plenty of great deals hiding in plain sight. For instance, when cars don’t sell as fast as manufacturers expect them to or the car in question has been in the market for a while, financing is kept at low-interest rates or prices are slashed considerably.

Always keep in mind that a great car is a combination of remarkable engineering, a perfect match to needs, and affordable pricing. You will definitely have plenty of wiggle room for negotiating prices if the demand for a particular model is low.

Start Your Engine…for a Test Drive

Don’t just walk into a dealership because it’s close to you. Make it a point to visit several dealerships. It might also help if you drop by your trusted car rental in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to see similar models of what you plan to buy. This gives you a better idea of what is available in terms of deals and gives you a point of comparison. Make sure to budget enough time for all the test drives. That way you can schedule all your visits accordingly.

Pick the Right Times

Avoid weekends. There are usually more customers at this time, and salespeople might not accommodate all your needs. Dealerships also have sales quotas that must be hit every month, every three months, and every year. If you come in close to the end of these periods, you are more likely to negotiate terms to serve you well.

Ask for Price

Many salespeople are notorious for selling value before talking about price. So don’t let them distract you! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to buy a car or get a car rental in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Ask for the price.

They might try to break down the price to more manageable bites like monthly installments or launch into a trade-in spiel, but don’t let them talk over you. Trade-ins are good to know if you’re changing cars often. But their value is unpredictable if you’re going to have the car for five years to a decade or longer. Some may try to convince you that pricing doesn’t matter when you consider all the money you can get back upon trading in or selling. Take control of the conversation and ask for the total price.

Know the Salesperson’s Asking Price

Knowing what the salesperson wants for the vehicle puts a clearly defined limit on how much they can ask for, and you will have room to negotiate. Do not give them your price first because once you do, there is little chance of going lower.

These tips will set you up for the best possible prices with freshly sharpened negotiating tactics. Want to learn more? You can check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.

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