Choosing an Automatic Transmission Filter

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Automotive

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There are some routine maintenance items that you will need to perform if you are a vehicle owner or repair shop and changing automatic transmission filters is one of them. Before you go and grab the first filter you see, you will need to know about the different types and suppliers available to you. Some suppliers will work with transmission shops, but not private individuals and some will be the opposite.


Automatic transmission filters have a few set types which fit different kinds of vehicles and transmissions. To determine which type is the best for your vehicle, you will want to search for filters based on the make and model of your vehicle as well as the transmission and engine size. Most of the time, vehicle manufacturers and filter vendors make this search relatively easy.

If you are buying filters for an auto repair shop, then you will probably want to find a vendor who can sell you lots of different types in a bulk transaction. This means that you can do a broader search for a bulk order of the same type or of different types from the save vendor. Having the right types of filters on hand, or within easy reach, can help keep your vehicle repair time down. This, in turn, can help your customers have greater confidence in your work and drive more business your way.


The type of supplier you work with for your filters will largely depend on what your needs are for that part. For instance, if you are changing the filter in your vehicle, then you can usually conduct an internet search for a brick-and-mortar near you with the right part. But, if you are stocking your transmission repair shop, then you will need to find vendors able to work with you on bulk orders of many different types of filters. You may also want to find a vendor able to supply you with other transmission related parts to save on research time, shipping and even costs. Most vendors will have this information listed online and may even cater only to repair shops or only to private individuals.

Automatic transmission filters come in many different types and can be found through various online and brick-and-mortar vendors. To find the right ones for your needs you first want to determine how many of which types you need. This can make a difference in the vendor you use, the cost you pay and how soon you can get the parts. Browse the website for more information.

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