Common Problems with an Electronic Transmission in Glendale, AZ

A vast majority of the cars produced in the United States now feature an electronically controlled, automatic transmission. If you own a car with an electronic transmission and don’t know how to drive stick shift, you need to understand the basics of the transmission as well. While they are convenient and regulate the gear shifting automatically, an electronic transmission can also cause a number of problems if it is not properly maintained. Here are a few common problems that can occur with an automatic transmission.

Transmission Fluid Leak

The transmission fluid, also known as the gear oil, is used to keep the gears lubricated to allow for a smooth shift. However, if there is a leak within the chamber and the transmission fluid begins to leak, it could cause a bunch of problems for you. Without the gear oil to lubricate it, the entire gearbox will grind to a halt. This could lead to extensive repairs if you don’t detect the problem in its early stages. Transmission fluid leaks should be checked and repaired as quickly as possible. If you notice transmission fluid leaking from your car, you should visit us at website. Bring your car in for an inspection and get it repaired right away.

Improper Shifting

If the transmission doesn’t shift gears on time, or you have to rev the engine too much to switch the gears, this clearly is an indication a problem. Take your car to a reputable company that offers repairs for the electronic transmission in Glendale, AZ to get it checked. A slipping transmission also indicates a serious problem, such as a problem with the electrical control unit within the housing. You need to get it checked by a professional to avoid major problems.


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