Deciding Between New And Used Car Dealerships in Palos Heights

SAfety09-041smWhen it comes to buying a car people often debate whether it’s best to purchase a new or used car. Both new and used cars have their advantages and disadvantages. Some people prefer used vehicles because they tend to be much more affordable. However, many buyers opt for new cars because they’re seen as more secure and dependable. Let’s see why you may or may not want to be a new or used vehicle.

Price. It’s a known fact that most vehicles sold at a used car dealership in Palos Heights are a lot cheaper than the newer models sold elsewhere. Instead of trying to buy a brand new SUV for $40,000, you could buy a used model that’s 6 or 7 years older for less than $12,000. However, some used cars, especially the luxury and antique vehicles, can still sell for quite a bit at certain dealerships. Even if you can afford it, you might want to consider a used vehicle and save a little money.

Dependability. Those who prefer newer modeled cars do so because they feel much more secure. The vehicles sold at a used car dealership in Palos Heights may be more affordable, but they might not be as safe. It’s a known fact that most of these vehicles have had previous owners, and there’s no telling what most of them have been through. Some cars have been in wrecks, floods, and have had equipment problems. Some dealerships perform extensive repairs in order get their used cars running and back on the lot. If you’re interested in buying a used car, make sure you know where it came from.

Financial Security. Many people refrain from buying used cars because of the warranties they come with. New cars often come with factory warranties that last for 5 years or more, with the option of an extended warranty. These types of warranties cover some of the more common problems vehicles experience. Most used cars don’t come with factory warranties, and only receive their warranties from the dealership. If warranties are important to you, consider limiting yourself to only certified used cars, which still have the factory warranty intact. Contact Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn for more information.


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