Dodge Dealership in El Paso, TX Shares Some Great Fall Car Care Tips

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Autos

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While waiting for the pumpkins to ripen and the dried leaves to pile up, why don’t you give your car a thorough check? Fall can be unforgiving to vehicles, especially during the weeks leading to winter. By maintaining your car as early as now, you can avoid breakdowns and other issues at the worst time. You can also take your vehicle to any of the Dodge dealerships in El Paso, TX for more detailed service. Of course, DIY is fine, too, as long as you refer to this simple fall car care checklist.

Rotate or replace the tires

Check how much tread is left on your car tires. Stick a penny into the grooves. If it remains standing, there’s enough tread for your vehicle to last a thousand miles. If the penny tips to the side, the rubber is too thin to take further beating and can burst anytime. Better replace them than risk a blowout. You may also consider rotating the tires if their wear and tear are uneven. Mornings and nights in Texas can be chilly, making the road slippery. Thicker tires can help you maintain a grip on the road.

The brakes must be intact

A deep tire tread isn’t enough to maintain control of the wheels. The brakes must be intact too. You must be able to slow down and stop when necessary. Check the brake pads for wear. Try the brakes and listen to the sound they create. If you hear a grinding noise, the brake pads must be heavily damaged and need a replacement. If you feel no resistance, the fluid might be leaking. You must check the brake system to fix the leak and replenish the fluid.

Get the heater ready

Temperatures will start to drop from this point. As a result, you will need to heat your cabin more often. Your car’s heating system is connected to the radiator. Instead of releasing the heat outside, a system of pipes conveys it into the cabin. Dodge dealers in Alamogordo, NM recommend checking the different parts of the heating system because any issue you find can indicate a much larger problem that involves the radiator and the engine.

All lights must be working correctly

Your car’s headlights and signal lights are your and other motorists’ guide on the road. They must always be in a perfect state. Not too bright, not too dim. If you’re maintaining your vehicle, don’t miss this part of the process. Check for broken lenses and bulbs. Replace them right away before a traffic officer notices them. Not only will that lead to a fine, but it’s also dangerous for you and other motorists. Make sure to clean them too. Wipe away dust and fog that might be reducing their brightness.

Taking care of your vehicle should be done regularly. But sometimes, you can do it sooner, especially when you know the weather is changing for the worse. This practice also helps in prolonging your vehicle’s life and keeping its performance optimal. You can maintain your car yourself or take it to a service center. Check out Viva CDJRF for more helpful tips.

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