Electric cars- towards cleaner and cheaper driving

by | Nov 24, 2011 | Auto Insurance

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Electric carsElectric cars are trickling into the automobile market and getting a warm reception from customers. These vehicles owe their popularity to the technology that helps them run not on petrol or diesel, or any other fuel for that matter, but only electricity. The initial investment required on part of customers is a considerable amount; however it is paid off in the long run.

With conventional sources of energy like coal and oil depleting in their reserves, the time has come to discover newer alternatives and adopt technologies to reduce our dependence on the non renewable resources.

Electric cars are a first rate example of how we can gradually wean off petrol and move to electricity to power our vehicles. Going one step beyond, we can make our cars truly eco-friendly by using solar, hydro or wind energy to generate electricity which the cars can run on. Aside from giving us a chance to conserve our resources, this concept helps avoid pollution. Since there is nothing to be burnt in the name of fuel, the question of emissions doesn’t even arise.

These cars, although not totally new in the market, still need time to settle into the purchasing culture. They’re arousing a fair amount of interest and are a promising concept given that we do need an alternative source of energy for our cars in the light of rising prices of oil around the world, which in turn are a result of the dwindling reserves.

This step away from traditional energy is a huge one, to say the least, a leap of faith. The idea of electric cars is however, an interesting one with infinite potential as research is on to find a way to generate cheap electricity. Between solar panels and nuclear power plants, and the slow but steadily emerging field of matter- antimatter studies, the run up to a clean and cheap electricity is a short one.

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