Every Home Garage Needs These Three Essential Auto Repair Tools

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Tools

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Are you looking for new ways to save money? Doing basic automotive repair and maintenance tasks at home is cheaper than paying a mechanic, but you need the right tools to do your own repairs. From torque wrench sets to hydraulic jacks, here are three auto repair essentials to consider.

Floor Jack and Stands

Investing in a hydraulic floor jack will save you a lot of back pain. Make sure the one you choose is rated for the full curb weight of your vehicle, and don’t forget to get a couple of jack stands for added stability and safety.


Start with a lug wrench for changing tires and a good torque wrench set that can handle the precise torque settings of your car’s nuts and bolts. You may also find a set of general wrenches to be handy along with a combination wrench or a geared wrench that can ratchet in either direction.

Air Compressor

Has that tire gone flat again? Stop wasting time and quarters at the gas station with your own compact air compressor. A 12-volt model can fill up a standard car tire in minutes. Maintaining proper tire pressure also improves your car’s fuel efficiency.

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