Financing Rims: The Smarter Way to Get Rims on Your Ride

Because rims can make your custom ride look good, they make a really great investment for your ride. They come in beautiful custom finishes that do not diminish or detract from the elegance and classiness of your ride, and they work with custom braking systems without any interference. The problem is, of course, whether or not you can afford to purchase a new set. Now you can, with the option of financing rims available to most people.

Yes, you actually read that right. Many people have the option open to them to have their purchase of rims financed in order to ease the burden of the purchase. It seems that most people do not realize that they have this option available to them. Naturally, the requirements tend to vary between retailers and resellers, but there are some standard requirements to bear in mind.  Usually these requirements include:

  • Minimum of USD $1000 monthly income
  • 180 days minimum employment tenure
  • A checking account open for no less than 90 days
  • No over drafts
  • An occasional minimum down payment
  • Financing fees (occasionally too)

These requirements may seem pretty steep, but they are a guarantee that allows you to finance your rims, and save your cash for different upgrades. Financing rims also is a secret that most people aren’t privy to: that they sometimes help you get the rims you want for a lower price. Check for financing deals that offer a discount if you finance your rims. That is why you shouldn’t be too quick to pull out your wallet before you inquire about financing options—you just never know when you’re passing on a good deal.

Another advantage of financing rims is that if you have the money to purchase, but choose financing instead, you leave enough cash for more important upgrades and customizations that you might have your eyes on. It allows you to parcel out and spread around the expense over a period of time without losing the chance to get the rims that you need immediately.

A sample scenario will have you financing rims – that gets the cheapest expense out of the way. With the money you have saved by financing, you can invest in an upgraded braking system. Why do you pour money into the more costly braking system as opposed to the more affordable rims? Because you won’t want to be weighed down by a bigger debt in the long run. And among all the rim brands out there, Rohana is certainly one of the best to invest in. They use only premium quality materials for their rims and other accessories. These materials ensure that Rohana rims are lighter than most, yet also stronger and more resistant to wear and tear.


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