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by | Oct 21, 2013 | Automotive

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The easiest and most widespread type of damage on cars is to the paint job. This is the uppermost layer of the body of the vehicle. Like human skin, it is responsible for serving as a barrier between the critical materials underneath and the elements that would wear them down if given the chance. Whether you’ve scraped your car against something, had a scratch appear mysteriously, or gotten into an accident that did massive damage overall, you’ll need to find someone to do the Auto Body Painting Lawrence KS who can produce results that you’ll actually be proud to be seen driving.

Making a new paint job look good on a car that’s been out on the road for a few years is a lot more difficult than car owners tend to assume. First, there is a particular texture to the work that’s done in the factory. This is often compared to an orange peel. While it’s subtle, it can sometimes be clear when one panel is painted and another is not that the two don’t quite look right next to one another. This means that people who are going to do this kind of work need to have the right tools and skills, as well as a good eye for whether their results are as good as they should be.

It’s also exceptionally difficult to even match the color. The factories code the colors of their paint. In theory, when you take a vehicle in for Auto Body Painting Lawrence KS, the provider should be able to use the code to produce a perfect match with very little effort. This is not how things work in the real world, however. If your car has spent a lot of time out in the sun, as most do, the ultraviolet light will affects its color slightly over time. Putting new paint in the factory color on only a portion of the body results in having multiple colors on the same vehicle.

When you go to Hite Collision Repair Center, they take pains to make sure that they are giving back a car that is everything that you expect, both functionally and aesthetically. This is why they offer a lifetime warranty on every repair that they do. If you aren’t happy with the results, they’ll work to fix it.

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