Five Reasons Why Car Power Locks Stop Working in Lincoln Park

When it comes to car repair in Lincoln Park, many people need to get their door locks working. What causes power door locks to stop working? The reasons range from simple to slightly more complex, but a trained professional can diagnose and often repair the problem.

Key Fob

If you have ever approached your automobile and expected it to open with the click of your key fob, but it did not budge, you may need a new fob. Another reason might be simply that the fob’s battery has died. These are the first things you should investigate.


Another relatively minor car repair in Lincoln Park is replacing a fuse. A vehicle‘s fuse may blow once it gets old. This burnout can affect your locks. Fuses are replaceable, and typically, they are not expensive.


A broken wire may be the culprit. The locks may work intermittently if the broken wires still touch each other occasionally. If you notice this, it may be a break.


Water can get into the controls. The system can freeze if it turns frigid shortly after the moisture gets in. Freezing temperatures and damp weather may lock you out of your car. To help prevent this, park inside or under a cover.


A solenoid is a part that moves the locking mechanism. Like many other parts of an automobile, mechanics can replace it.

What causes power door locks to stop working? Some reasons are a mechanical failure, weather, or a dead battery. For assistance with your auto issues, visit Bucaro Brothers Auto Care today.


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