Full Glass Placement or Spot Repair?

Every area of auto glass on your vehicle is essential for the security and safety of you and your passengers. That means it is extremely important that cracks and chips on windshields or windows are fixed or replaced as soon as possible.


Chips and cracks in windshields or windows of your vehicle are not uncommon today. As traffic on the roads increases every day, more and more items can be lifted by vehicles in front of you on the roadways and then hit your vehicle’s windshield.


While often times the damage is not great, the crack or chip can become bigger and more serious very quickly if you hit a pothole or a big bump in the road. If you live in cold weather, water can seep into a crack or chip, freeze, and when it freezes it expands and can cause chips in the auto glass to grow.


Auto Glass Repairs


Often times there is no need for complete auto glass replacement in Chicago. Skilled technicians are able to repair many of the small cracks or chips without requiring a full windshield to be replaced. If the chip or crack is no larger than a quarter and not in the line of sight of the driver, then many auto glass repair shops pour liquid glass into the crack or chip to prevent it from becoming any larger.


However, not all cracks or chips can be fixed and auto glass replacement in Chicago is needed. When that is the case, make sure the parts are original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, to ensure a perfect fit to your vehicle.


Is Fixing Your Auto Glass Necessary?


In one word, Yes. The auto glass in your vehicle is there to protect the driver and passengers. When the glass is cracked or chipped, it must be fixed since it is susceptible to breaking easier if in an accident or if driving repeatedly on bumpy roads.
Better safe than sorry.


If you are looking for auto glass replacement in Chicago, please visit Franks Auto Glass online at www.franksautoglasschicago.com/auto-glass-repair-replacement/


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