Here Are Some of the Types of BMW Services Available in Chicago

If you need services or repairs to your BMW, you’ll want a company that is experienced with your vehicle and a company that offers a warranty on its services. If you’re wondering what types of services you can have done on your vehicle without going through the dealer, read on.

Fluid Flushes

Brake fluid flushes are an important BMW service in Chicago. Humidity can cause problems with the brake system in your car. Having your brake fluid flushed can help prevent corrosion of your brake system.

Coolant flushes are an important way to ensure your engine coolant is clean and free of contaminants. Driving your BMW with old corrosive coolants puts you at risk of damaging your thermostat and water pump, which are costly repairs. Having your coolant flushed regularly can help prevent other types of damage to your car.


Cabin air filters and engine air filters need to be changed as part of your regular vehicle maintenance. Cabin air filters on BMWs are more exposed to the elements than those on other cars. As a result, they need to be changed more frequently to be sure you and your passengers are breathing clean air while inside your vehicle. Your engine air filter is also exposed to elements and needs to be changed regularly to keep your engine running smoothly.

Oil Changes

Routine oil changes are an important BMW service in Chicago. With some vehicles, you may be able to wait longer between oil changes, but with your BMW, it is important to have your oil changed at the recommended mileage. Make sure you are using the correct oil in order to prevent the engine seals from breaking down. If the rubber engine seals begin to break down, you will have oil leaks, which can cause much bigger problems for your vehicle.

VFC Engineering performs BMW services in Chicago, and you can find more information about our services. Visit our website to see what else we can offer you.


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