Honda Used Engines

Honda has set an all-time production record in 2013. Honda produced 1,690,000 vehicles in 2012. This is an indication how important this Automobile Japanese brand is to the nation. Honda has gained popularity in United States in recent years. In the past Honda was famous among the younger generation but it is slowly respected as one of the most dependable vehicle on the road. Most older than ten year Hondas are still on the road that has shot up the demand for Honda used engines. Most proud Honda owners don’t know where to go for tested used engines as salvage yards can’t get there hands on enough Honda motors. The only possibility is to buy from Japanese engine importers. There are very few who import these days due to unfavorable exchange rate between Japanese Yen & US dollar and also due to lack of availability of good used Honda Motors. Best selling Honda motors are for Honda Civic, Honda Accord & Honda CRV from 1990-2000. Demand is soaring but lack of supply has ridiculously increased prices. Engines for old Honda Civic 1988-1995 is selling for around $850 which was priced around $500 in 2008. Anyone looking for Honda engines, we recommend buying only Japanese imports. If the model is not available, the best option is to pay a deposit to the importers so they can hold the engine for you from the next container.


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