How to Buy From a Car Dealer in Chicago

Although the days of sleaze bags are not gone, when you buy from a car dealer in Chicago you will more than likely find pleasant people, they may be students paying their way through school, a young man supporting his new family or perhaps someone working there until the labor market improves. One thing for sure, they are honest and are not your arch nemesis anymore.


There is little doubt that the rules of buying from a car dealer in Chicago have changed though. Years ago you would never have seen an unescorted woman on a car lot, today if you see a woman negotiating with the car dealer in Chicago and she’s with a man, he is probably just along for the company, women can be very tough negotiators.


When you walk around the various cars on the lot of the car dealer in Chicago with a dealer salesman, don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially when you already know the answer through earlier research. There is no such thing as a stupid question when you are considering a major purchase, or any purchase for that matter. If the salesperson makes you feel stupid it either because he can’t answer or he’s a poor salesman. The salesperson at the car dealer in Chicago is your tour guide and he should know everything about the cars he is selling and your questions should be answered sharply with no pretension.


Don’t be put off or prejudiced if your salesperson is a woman. Automobiles and their dealings is no longer the domain of the male animal, women are great negotiators and are equally qualified to do the job. However, if you are from the old school, don’t hesitate to ask for a male sales associate.


Do not miss the test drive, this advice cannot be overemphasized. If the conditions are poor, raining or snowing it’s even better because we can’t be blessed with good driving conditions every day.


Now let’s get down to the basics;


Don’t let the car dealer in Chicago switch your attention to a model you know nothing about. If a salesman senses you are well prepared he may try to dissuade you and attempt to get you involved with a car where your knowledge is limited.


If you like it, buy it, today. When you express a desire to buy it right now the dealer in Chicago senses it and you are liable to get a better deal as he wants the car sold right away.


Make sure you know the value of your trade in before going to the car dealer in Chicago, Research with Kelley or Edmunds and be prepared to stand your ground but make sure you are aware that trade in value and resale value are two different things.


Check leasing the car. Cars depreciate quickly and if you’re driving habits are moderate you can opt for a 3-4 year lease and probably save money.




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