How to Get Rid Of Junk Cars

There is nothing quite as unsightly as old junk cars in Chicago just slowly rotting away in a driveway or yard. Not only is unsightly, but it can be downright dangerous. It can allow thousands of mosquitos to breed in stagnant water that will form in pools as well as being a lair for snakes and spiders. Junk cars are a magnet for kids; you can imagine the potential for trouble if they get into the junk car.


There are a few ways junk cars can be safely disposed of:


Part it out: It may very well be junk but there will be perfectly useable parts still on the vehicle that can be salvaged and sold. When you advertise the vehicle note that it is being sold for parts, usually you can realize more cash than just selling it as a pile of scrap metal.


Take it to the junk yard: This is an obvious way to dispose of junk cars in Chicago, have it removed and sold to the junk yard for scrap. Although it may be useless as a vehicle there is a lot of material that goes into a car that can be salvaged, sold to scrap dealers and recycled for future use. Think of how much steel, glass, aluminum and plastics go into a car, these materials are all recyclable. If you have no way of getting the car to the junk yard give the yard a call, many will pick the car up from your home for little or no charge at all.


Read the classified ads in the local newspaper: There are people who buy junk cars, some of the cars are used as the source of supply for part rebuilders; others are simply scrapped and sold for the scrap value.


As well as looking in the paper for people who buy junk cars in Chicago you can place an ad stating what the car is, the fact that it is for sale as junk, you’re asking price, the general location of the car and a phone number. Just as a gentle reminder, it is never a good idea to give your full address in the paper.


Donating the car to charity is another fine way of getting rid of it. The charity will be responsible for the pick-up and disposal, all the money they get goes to them. You may be able to write off the value against your taxes as a charitable donation so you will get something for it.


When you are getting rid of junk cars in Chicago don’t be greedy and ask for cash that is more akin to the price if the thing was serviceable. This is doubly true if the junk yard picks up the car. Before you get rid of it, make sure you need to have the title; in some states this is mandatory.


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