How to Renew Your License In California

If it is the time of year again for CA DMV renewal, then it is best that you get it done as soon as possible. It is not a good idea to wait until the last minute. While the process for DMV renewal is a pretty simple process, it is best to go in to the DMV renewal spot right away after you receive your registration renewal notice in case something goes wrong and you have to add a couple of steps to the process. Here are the steps that you can take in order to complete your CA DMV renewal process quickly and without any problems.


Make an Appointment


You will need to make an appointment if you plan to renew your registration in person. You can set your appointment up to either do it online or over the phone, though sometimes in person might be faster since they will be able to tell you if you have the right forms or not. If you would like to make the process go even faster, you can download all of the forms online and fill them out before your appointment. While you are at your appointment at the DMV you will get your picture taken, have a thumbprint taken and will also have to pay the application fee. The application fee is usually the same no matter if you are applying in person, by mail, or online.


Applying By Mail


The next option that you can choose for renewing your registration is to apply by mail. Most of the time if you are under 70 years old you will be able to apply by mail though some states will have other guidelines that you will have to follow so it is best to check with your state first. You will have to fill out all of the regular forms, along with a form that proves if you are eligible to apply by mail or if you must find another method to use in order to renew your registration. You will be able to mail the whole application and any fees to your local DMV office.


Applying Online


Applying online has become a very popular choice for renewing your registration. This is because it takes away having to worry about the long lines and set hours at the DMV. You are able to sit down when you have the time, even if it is later at night after work, and fill out all of the information that is needed in order to renew your registration. You will be able to do the whole process online and can usually pay by debit or credit card through this method.


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