How to Repair a 2004 Silverado Instrument Cluster Quickly

by | Jan 22, 2014 | Automotive

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It’s amazing how often people use their instrument panels and they don’t even realize it. Almost every day you look at your fuel gauge, the speedometer, and even the temperature gauge. When one of these instruments stops working, most people can tell right away. Either the needle may stop reading correctly or altogether. There are a lot of newer vehicles that have the entire instrument cluster connected, so all the gauges will stop working at once. If you need to replace a 2004 Silverado Instrument Cluster, then make sure to find a shop you can trust.


The best way to get a good price for a 2004 Silverado Instrument Cluster repair is to first look online and find out what your specific instrument cluster is worth. It’s pretty easy to find out how much your part costs, at most auto shops online. When you go to a repair company, make sure they are telling you an accurate price for the part and then find out what their hourly rate is for the labor. If they are truthful with the part price and they want to give you a fair price for the labor, then you can be confident they are being reasonable.


Some people are more than willing to just buy the part and then replace it themselves. If you have to order the part online, then you want to make sure the auto part place offers free shipping both ways. If they are willing to let you return the part an incorrect part, without making you pay for shipping, then they are honest. Another thing to think about is buying a remanufactured instrument panel. A remanufactured part is just as good as new, but it only costs about half the price. Many professional auto shops trust remanufactured parts.


If your instrument panel isn’t working properly, then try D & D Instruments online. They offer a simple ordering process on their website and they can help answer any questions you have about a 2004 Silverado Instrument Cluster. They will help you find a reputable auto shop to do the repair, they will help you find out what your instrument panel is worth, and they will explain the importance of a good warranty. You need your instrument panel to work correctly so you will be safe on the road, so find an auto part store you can trust.


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