How to Save on Commercial Car Lease Programs

If you have a fleet of company vehicles, you could be paying more than you have to. The truth is many companies can save by leasing instead of buying their vehicles. However, not all car lease programs are alike, and there are things you can do to make your lease more cost-effective. Here are a few cost cutting tips to help you save money.

Passenger Cars

Before you choose your company cars, make sure they have only what you need. For example, do you need a climate controlled air conditioning when standard AC will do the job? Heated seats are nice but they may not be necessary, and there are many options you might be paying for, that are simply not needed.

When it comes to safety, don’t cut costs. For example, rearview video equipment can prevent accidents, and automatic sensing equipment can enhance car lease programs.

Commercial Vehicles

One of the biggest mistakes many companies make is getting vehicles that are larger than they need. For example, if you need vans, do you have to choose models with an extra-long wheelbase? You may get better service with smaller or mini vans, and you’ll get better fuel mileage too.

When shopping for medium or heavy-duty trucks, check out cab space. Some drivers need plenty of room for long-haul driving, but city driving for deliveries only requires standard cab space. You’ll save on fuel costs and get better performance with smaller and lighter vehicles.

The Importance of Professional Advice

It’s almost impossible for untrained people to know everything about car lease programs. That’s why many businesses go to fleet management services for their needs. You’ll get professional advice on the right vehicles for your company, and they can show you the most cost-effective options. They’ll help you choose programs with driver training and the most convenient maintenance services.


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