If A Suspension Component Fails, Have It Replaced Immediately

All vehicles have suspension; a collection of components that keeps the vehicle off the road surface, cushions the vehicle occupants and cargo from bumps and shock and allows the vehicle to turn one way and the other. There are numerous components that go into a suspension system; they include springs, shock absorbers, struts, sway bars and other linkages.


All these components take a tremendous beating and as a result something will wear or fail and require suspension repair in Midway. If this happens to your vehicle the component will have to be repaired or replaced before it can be safely operated.


As the driver, how would you know if it is time to have some suspension component attended too? Listen to your vehicle, it will tell you when there is a problem.


   * Rough ride: When you feel every little bump or ripple in the road it is fair to say that your shocks or struts are wearing out. If you sense the car is actually “bouncing” this is a sign that there is a suspension issue that needs attention.


   * Pulling or drifting: When there is a problem in the suspension the car will tend to pull or drift, especially when you are making a turn. This is a sure sign that that the shocks are worn and need replacing.


   * Dips during braking: When you apply the brakes your car should come to a level stop, when you need suspension repair in Midway the car will “nose dive” when you apply the brakes. Bad shocks can reduce stopping time and distance, this situation must be corrected immediately.


   * Uneven tire wear: Every car owner should keep his or her eyes on the tires, the tread wear pattern can speak volumes about the condition of the suspension. If you notice bald spots or uneven wear the tires are being subjected to unequal forces and needs attention.


Your cars suspension is complex and every component must be in excellent condition for your car to be safe and ride right. If you sense a suspension problem get to the repair shop as soon as possible.


Suspension repair in Midway is one of the many vehicle repairs that can be undertaken by the skilled technicians at VIP Tire & Auto Centers. If you have suspension problems, rely on VIP for the solution. Visit them online at http://www.viptire.com/locations/midway-il.aspx


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