Important Points to Consider When Choosing an Auto Body Repair Shop

It doesn’t matter if the vehicle you own is almost new or a classic, you want it to look its best. As a proud owner you want your vehicle restored to its former glory if it’s beginning to show its age or suffers damage due to an accident. So it only makes sense to enlist the services of an experienced and dependable Auto Body repair shop.


What are some important factors you should look for when choosing a body shop? First you want to select a shop that employs trained Auto Body mechanics, because the finished job is only as good as the person who performs it. They need to be experienced in the newest techniques of body repair and painting. If your car just needs a touch up, be certain the shop uses a computerized color matching system to ensure the new paint and the old blend perfectly. Second, if your vehicle was involved in an accident do they have the equipment necessary to check for damage to the frame and undercarriage? A laser frame scan is the best method for detecting a bent frame. Next you should inquire about the brand of paint they use. You want a high quality paint that will hold up to all kinds of weather conditions.


And what services to they offer for the convenience of the customer? A licensed insurance adjuster on staff is a big plus. If your vehicle has been in an accident, the adjuster take a look at it as soon as it is brought into the Auto Body shop. What are you going to do for transportation while your car is in the shop? Do they provide loaners for their customers’ use? This is another important factor to consider.


After you think about the answers to these questions, then comes the most important question of all. How much is the body work going to cost? Reputable body shops will give the customer a free estimate; but remember that this is just an estimate and the final price could be higher or lower than originally anticipated. At the very least this will give you a good idea of what to expect.


Hopefully these questions will give you something to think about and you can use them as a guideline when choosing an Auto Body repair shop.




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