Improve Your Ride With Fresh Car Body Paint Lawrence KS

The worst nightmare of every driver isn’t the lone policeman waiting to pull them over for a traffic ticket, but the sudden, body wrenching realization that they were just in an automobile accident. Vehicle collisions take thousands of cars off the road every month, some of which may never run again. If your car or truck happens to be one of them you may be wondering how to proceed from here. Every accident is different and the details of what occurs directly after the collision will depend on if there are any injured people involved. Once the injured are cared for and any legalities are out of the way it is time to worry about getting your car or truck repaired.

Auto accidents can cause a variety of damage including those that require major body repairs and those that need a little dent removal and some simple Car Body Paint Services in Lawrence KS. Auto body paint is a precision job that must be handled in the right environment. For instance, if one were to attempt to paint their car in a dirty garage a lot of that dirt would get picked up by the moist paint flying around. Generally, it would end up embedded in one of the layers of paint on the vehicle you are trying to refinish. Dirt can cause paint to bubble, fail to stick or otherwise ruin an expensive paint finish which is why repair shops require clean rooms for properly painting the vehicles they fix.

There are other reasons for requesting a Car Body Paint Lawrence KS. For example, the car is beginning to show it’s age and the original paint has begun to fade and peel. Professional painting might also be preferred if you are restoring a classic automobile. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing the body of your classic ride before the paint ever gets sprayed. To begin with, all the rusted areas must be cleaned and any holes should be filled with a body filler such as Bondo. Then the body must be smoothed, primed and sanded so no visible dents or primer layers will show. Finally, you will want to contact a company like Hite Collision Repair Center to apply the final layer of paint.

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