Independent Volkswagen Repair Saves You Money

Automobile dealers everywhere are obliged to provide service facilities. In many cases, new car owners are led to believe that they must return to the dealer when it is time for service or repairs. This is not the case; an independent shop that specializes in Volkswagen repair in Chicago will do the work just as well, if not better than the dealership, and for considerably less money.


There are myths about vehicle repair and maintenance that are just not true:


The warranty will be voided if the dealer does not do repairs:


There may have been some truth to this in the past, but this is no longer the case. In 1975, the US Government passed the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This act makes it unlawful for any vehicle manufacturer to specify that they must return to an authorized dealer for service and repairs. Volkswagen repair in Chicago can be done by any qualified independent shop.


A dealer can only do VW repair and service:


A certified independent shop can undertake Volkswagen repair in Chicago. An independent can perform the same services that a dealer can, and for considerably less money.


Volkswagens are expensive cars to maintain:


Volkswagens are no more expensive to repair than any other car. There is some truth to the fact that some parts are little more expensive, but this is true regardless of who performs the work. However, the repair costs are comparable. Like all cars, adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule will keep your VW running well for years.


Although there is no demand that you must rely on the dealer to maintain and repair your Volkswagen, not everyone can do it properly. Trained technicians must carry out Volkswagen repair in Chicago. A mechanic with no experience repairing these cars will not have the knowledge and expertise to deal with a rather sophisticated vehicle.


If you are looking for a dealer alternative for Volkswagen repair in Chicago, look no further than Chicago Motors Auto Service. Your VW will be repaired by certified technicians.


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