Individualizing Your Car? How About Custom Wheel Rims?

Automobile manufacturers go to great lengths to produce designs that have mass appeal to the car buying public. Smaller automobile makers exist purely by producing cars in what are (in reality) limited edition designs.

Gone Are The Days Of One Design Available In Only One Color.
Henry Ford’s production line concept lives on; but, manufacturers have realized that cars are often seen as more than a mere means of conveyance. Owners; not only take pride in their vehicles; but, also, like to think that theirs is somehow special. Such owners will take delivery straight from the factory and then set about trying to make it unique from other models off the same production line.

Some might change the paint job; or, have fanciful designs added to the car’s exterior. Others may opt for performance enhancements to the engine and transmission. However, one thing that many like to add is a set of custom wheel rims. Special or unique wheels are not cheap and one must remember that you need five of them for a standard car (four road wheels and a spare).

Do I Need The Whole Wheel Or Just Custom Rims?
While it might be possible to change out rims, it is definitely not a practical proposition. This is because the rim is such an integral part of the wheel. As such, removing a rim and replacing it with another one; without detriment to the car’s running safety, would be beyond the capabilities of most auto shops.

The hub is where the wheel fits onto the axle and the rim is the outermost part that has been shaped to accept the tire. The two are joined together by solid metal, spokes or shaped rods radiating out of the hub and up to the rim. Some people use the word “rim” when describing the whole wheel. In some cases, the rim might be made separately and then welded to the rest of the wheel on its underside. Alternatively, the wheel may be made in one complete piece by forging, casting or pressing.

There is a large after market producing custom wheels in a multitude of designs within the basic circular shape. However, it is a somewhat specialized market so prices can be expensive.


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