Keeping Your Car’s Shine After Collision Repair in Johnson County

When a car is involved in an accident, it can be fixed as long as it wasn’t totaled. Insurance is usually used to pay for any repairs that the car needs. An owner might decide to have some other work done on the car when the damage from the accident is being taken care of. Learning how to care for the car when it comes out of the shop is important.

Washing The Car

After the collision repair in Johnson County has been done, the car will look as if it were never in an accident. The idea is to keep it that way. The car should be washed frequently with a solution that is specifically made to wash cars. Using dishwashing liquid is a huge mistake that far too many car owners make. Dishwashing liquid is harsh and can strip away a car’s clear coat.

Detailing The Car

Any car owner who wants to keep their car looking like new after Collision Repair in Johnson County needs to get the vehicle detailed. The detailing process involves thoroughly cleaning a car and working on any minor imperfections in the paint. For example, a worker will examine the car’s paint for swirl marks and use special solutions to help remove them. The compound, polish, and wax are some of the solutions that can be used during car detailing.

Use A Garage Or Car Cover

Protecting a car’s paint from the elements helps to make it last. The sun itself can cause a lot of damage to a car’s paint. Exposure to an excessive amount of sunlight will lead to a car’s paint fading. To prevent this, a car should be parked in a garage whenever possible. Car covers can also be used to protect cars from sunlight. If a car is going to be parked for more than one day, a car cover should be used.

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