Kia Near Rio Rancho, NM Reveals How to Deep Clean Cars Like a Real Pro

Most car experts will tell you: it is essential to deep clean your vehicle every spring. Winter tends to unleash elements that can be extremely harmful to your car if left alone. For example, road salts cause corrosion and may leave you with costly car repair bills if you don’t clean them off your vehicle. However, not everyone can afford to drive to the nearest car detailing shop for a deep clean.

Fortunately, dealers of Kia in Rio Rancho, NM, reveal that, with time and effort, you can easily deep clean your car like a pro if you follow these methods:

Exterior Detailing

A simple wash may not be enough to make your vehicle shine like brand new. Unlike the regular car wash, exterior detailing can go up to five hours. While it sounds grueling, you’ll certainly be rewarded when you see your peers’ envious glances as you drive down the road.

The first thing you need to do is wash your car with a specially formulated cleaner. Never use ordinary liquid soap to clean your vehicle. Regular detergents can strip the oil from your vehicle’s paint, which will make your car look dull and lifeless. After washing, use a clay bar to remove any stubborn dirt from your vehicle’s paint.

Lastly, polish your car to remove minor imperfections and scratches, then apply some synthetic wax to give your exterior a glass-like finish.

Interior Detailing

Most people tend to focus on the exterior and neglect their car’s interior. This is a bad habit as your interior can deteriorate as much, if not more, than your vehicle’s exterior when neglected. Interior detailing is much more complicated as you can spend up to eight hours just trying to restore its condition. In addition, depending on your cabin’s materials, you might need to purchase a whole arsenal of cleaning products to do it right.

Before you start cleaning, remove everything you can out of the vehicle. Professional detailers will even remove the seats to clean the interior properly. YouTube videos can teach you how to remove the seats yourself. However, if you are not confident, just emptying the trunk, center console, and glove compartment should be enough. You should also remove the floor mats and carpet (if you can) before vacuuming your car’s interior. Make sure to clean every nook and cranny.

Use a cheap paint or foam brush to remove dust from your AC vents altogether, then gently wipe all surfaces with a soft cloth sprayed with the appropriate cleaner. If there are stains on your upholstery, apply some stain remover before wiping it down. Also, remember to use an ammonia-free car window glass cleaner and wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth. If possible, use a carpet cleaning machine to remove the stubborn dirt that settled deep inside your carpet.

Once you get your car clean, you can bring and organize all the necessary tools, documents, and equipment back inside your vehicle. Follow this up with a bi-weekly cleaning session to ensure that your car’s interior will never get too dirty. Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.


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