Kia Rio Rancho Introduces Cool Features of the New EV9 Concept SUV

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Autos

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In the recently concluded LA Auto Show, numerous models left a considerable impact, piquing the interest of many auto fans from all around the world, and Kia Rio Rancho agrees. Among the eye-catching and sleek units unveiled in the event is the EV9 concept SUV from Kia, and it is expected to roll out in the market by 2024.

The EV9 SUV is designed based on the E-GMP or electric global modular platform first announced by Hyundai. This design principle fueled a movement among car manufacturers aimed at synergizing the styles of new EVs that will be released in 2021 and beyond. So, what can fans expect to see with the stunning Kia EV9? Read on to learn more.

Kia Rio Rancho Marvels At the EV9 and Its New Features

Most reviews mentioned that the EV9 SUV is comparable to the current EV6 for reference purposes. Car manufacturer Kia has yet to release concrete details about its newest concept vehicle. The SUV concept model is expected to truly knock it out of the ballpark with even more significant modifications that bring forth Kia’s sustainability and energy efficiency goals.

Remarkable Body Design

The EV9 is shown to have a three-row body with a length of nearly five meters, with the ride fitting up to eight passengers. It is about 20 centimeters longer than the EV6 so motorists can expect wider legroom and bigger storage space on this one. The EV9’s doors open in opposite directions to add a more futuristic touch to this design, eliminating the need for a B-pillar between the front and back rows. According to reports, another feature that makes the EV9 SUV more interesting is the possibility of adjusting the height of the roof railing. This feature will reduce air drag and maximize power when driving on the highway.

Space-Age Interior Styling

Kia has always been recognized for its clean aesthetics on its enticing interiors, and the EV9 does not disappoint. Perhaps the biggest wow factor on the dash is the 27-inch continuous touchscreen display that spans from the driver’s side to the middle of the dashboard. This will show the standard gauges and become the infotainment center for the SUV.

Performance On the Road

There has not been enough press release data given for the battery specs for Kia’s EV9, but it has been reported that it can be compatible with 350Kw fast-charging stations, which can give your ride up to a 200-mile range in half an hour or less. On a fully juiced up battery, the EV9 SUV can expect to give you road time of up to 300 miles.

Other Kia Models Featured at the LA Auto Show

While electric vehicle connoisseurs wait for 2024 to get their hands on the actual EV9 SUV, they can still marvel at other Kia models that were unveiled in the Auto Show. The 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid is among the notable contenders, which targets 39 mpg and more than 500 miles of range. It’s a welcome choice for off-roaders and adventurous motorists searching for an all-wheel-drive unit.

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