Lincoln Car Dealers Share Great Tips on Washing Cars and Why Regular Car Washing Is Important

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Autos

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Car enthusiasts know that a clean shiny car is more than just for visual appeal. Taking the time to wash your car, either by yourself or at a car wash, also helps with its maintenance. Cars do need fine-tuning and regular checks now and then, but you can reduce the number of emergency appointments by doing something as simple as cleaning. Why You Should Wash Your Vehicle Regularly

Besides keeping the exteriors clean and shiny, regularly washing your vehicle helps you:

  • Prevent Damage

Debris from the road can do tons of damage to your car. Everything from mud, dirt, and dust to salt on the roads during winter and even rain, can damage that perfect shade of color that you chose. Minerals in these particles will stick to your car and eat away at your paint.

Cars that spend time in muddier areas will have more that needs to be washed off regularly. Animal droppings, bugs, pollen, tree sap, tar, grime, and even water, need to be removed quickly. If you like taking your car through dirt roads, give it at least a rinse once you get back.

  • Maintain the Highest Safety Levels

Apart from keeping enough air in your tires, making sure the treads are clean is important too. Clean treads ensure proper friction between the tires and the road. Plus, clean windows and mirrors are necessary to be able to navigate safely during your long drives. The last thing you want is a streaky mirror that impairs vision while you drive. As anyone who has ever bought a car from Lincoln dealerships in Covington, LA would say, safety is the most important thing.

  • Keep the Car in Tip-Top Condition

A clean car means a car without minerals eating away at its body or parts. This will increase your car’s lifespan. Keeping your engine clean is also an important part of car cleaning. You don’t want your engine caked with grease and dirt, so clean it as well.

How to Wash Your Car Properly

Washing your car regularly isn’t enough to keep it clean and free from damage. And know that regular household cleaners are not suitable for cleaning your vehicles. But how do you wash your car properly?

  • Move Your Car to a Shady Spot

Washing your car in the sun might be an intuitive decision. After all, it should help with drying, right? This is true but it’ll also create water and mineral spots. Washing and drying your car in the shade will prevent this.

  • Rinse Before Applying Soap

Hose down the car before you apply anything else. Remove the larger pieces of dirt and debris so that they won’t rub against your car paint when you start applying soap later.

  • Use the Right Cleaners

Do not use household cleaning products on your car. These chemicals may be a little too rough on your prized vehicle and can lead to unsightly damage that can be a little pricey to fix. Stick to using cleaning supplies specifically designed for cars. In fact, you can reach out to Lincoln car dealers near you, to find the best cleaning products for your car.

  • Follow the Instructions on Your Cleaning Products

When you’re filling up your buckets, stick to the instructions regarding the amount of cleaner to use per bucket. Using too much can damage your car and using too little may leave dirt on the car.

  • Clean the Car in Sections

Go top-down. Begin with the roof, but do not scrub at it. Simply swipe across twice with your cleaning implement and then immediately wash it off so the soap doesn’t continue eating into the paint. Do the back of the car last.

  • Pay Attention to the Tires

Do this after washing the car’s body. Tires carry the most dirt so use a spray with a decent amount of water pressure to get in the treads. Then use a cleaner specifically for tire treads. Remember to spray down the undercarriage of your car at least once each season with a diluted car cleaning product.

Remember, a good rule of thumb is to wash your car at least twice a week. That way, heads will keep turning as you drive past with a clean, shiny car. For more information and helpful tips, check out your Baldwin Lincoln car dealer in the New Orleans, LA area.

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