Make Your Car Look Like New with an Auto Detail in Baltimore

Washing and waxing your car can make it look good, but after enough years, it won’t make it look like new any more. When that happens, you don’t have to be satisfied with a dull or otherwise substandard finish. Instead, this just means that it’s time to get a professional auto detail in Baltimore.

A professional auto detail at Diamond Detail, Inc. In Baltimore will include different services depending on the package you select. The Express package is basically a careful car wash. This includes cleaning your windows both inside and out, cleaning around your cup holders, vacuuming the interior, and, of course, washing the car. While it’s a great car wash package, it won’t restore lost luster like a good waxing will. For that, you need to move up.

The Full Service Detail is what you desire if you want your car to look like it just rolled off the line – even if it’s actually 10 years old. A hand wash and dry is just the start of this meticulous cleaning and restoration package. Once the car is cleaned, a clay bar will be used to deep clean the paint, bugs and tar will be removed, a coat of Wolfgang wax will be applied, and more. Special attention will be given to the wheels, wheel wells, trunk, and similar areas. Inside the car, all of the carpet will be shampooed, the dashboard will cleaned, leather will be conditioned, and “every crack and crevice” will be cleaned and dressed. A 100-point inspection will ensure that nothing was missed. These are just the high points of the Full Service Detail. It includes many other features, as well.

Many other packages are offered that are in between the Express level and the Full Service option. They offer incrementally-better options that make it easy to tailor your auto detail in Baltimore to your car’s specific needs. Diamond Detail, Inc. also offers many ala carte services, so if you only need one thing done, it’s not a problem. Single options are great for correcting specific problems, such as light scratches, while full packages are best for improving the overall appeal of your vehicle.


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