Mistakes To Avoid When You Buy Used Commercial Trucks

When you are in the market to buy used commercial trucks you have a lot of choices, options and vehicles to choose from. In fact, you may be surprised at just how often fleets upgrade or update, and there can be a significant used inventory available based on your location and the sellers you are working through.

Unless you have experience in buying used commercial vehicles, it is always a good idea to have assistance or to shop with a company that provides a warranty on the vehicles they offer. If you are buying through an auction or a private sale, be sure to have a mechanic with you to complete a quick inspection of the vehicle before you bid or make an offer.

Buying Without Considering Your Needs

While the option to buy used commercial trucks is a lot less money than buying new, this is still a big budget item for most businesses. It is, therefore, important to not just consider what you need immediately in a vehicle but to also consider what you will need in the future.

Buying a commercial truck or a box truck that will see you through a few years of deliveries and sales is important. You do not want to find out in a year that the truck is too small for your needs.

Paying in Cash

It may make a lot of sense to buy a slightly more expensive truck through a fleet liquidation company than to buy a cheaper truck but have to pay a lump sum of cash. With the liquidation company financing the payments can be stretched out over a few years, limiting the big hit to a company budget that will occur when financing is not a possibility.

Remember, with any vehicle there will also be the need for insurance, fuel, tires and regular maintenance, so having that reserve of funds is an important consideration.

Going on Looks Alone

Anyone selling a commercial truck is going to do everything possible to have the vehicle looking in top condition. However, when you buy used commercial trucks, looks are only part of the equation.

If you aren’t a mechanic or don’t have experience with large vehicles, have a professional check out the vehicle. This will include checking the engine, the belts, the brakes, transmission and the engine components. It will also be important to review the service logs for the vehicle to ensure it was properly maintained.

Buying a used commercial truck is a very good option for virtually any company. It is a great way to add to a growing fleet or to get that first truck to get your business up and running.


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