Parking Options Near the Historic Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL

by | Apr 10, 2024 | Parking

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Parking Options Near Wrigley Field

Located in Chicago’s historic North Side neighborhood, Wrigley Field is an iconic sports venue. If you want to drive to a baseball game at this legendary stadium, you should find convenient parking spaces. The North Side district has an urban layout with limited street-level parking spaces. You’ll notice plenty of streets that are lined with residential buildings near the stadium. There are also various bus strops and rapid transit stops near the venue. However, you can still find some convenient Wrigley Field Parking options. You may have to walk a few blocks from the Wrigley Field parking lot to the stadium. Most of the available parking facilities will be off Addison Street, Clair Street or Waveland Avenue.

Affordable and Easy Parking

You can use a mobile application to find Wrigley Field parking spaces. As you approach the stadium, the mobile app will automatically find all available outdoor lots and indoor garages in the area. You can specify the maximum distance between your parking spot and the field. If you want to save time and money before the Chicago Cubs game, simply pay for the parking in advance. Most parking lots will have attendants and other staff members for assistance. You could show them your mobile parking app when entering the lots or garages. Some parking facilities will simply have automated gates and other access control.

Check out the ParkChirp app to find parking near Wrigley Field in Chicago.

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