Prepping Your Kia in Rio Rancho for the Winter

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Autos

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Winter is in full swing and it can mean trouble for unprepared car owners in Rio Rancho. Apart from making the road slippery and dangerous, the freezing weather can also affect your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. You might need to put extra effort in maintaining your vehicle before hitting the road to avoid problems. The last thing you want is to break down in the middle of nowhere during a snowstorm with no one around to help. Here are some of the major issues you might encounter with your Kia in Rio Rancho during winter and how you should deal with them.

Frozen Water in the Radiator

Did you know that your car can overheat even in the dead of winter? In fact, this problem is more likely to happen when the temperature is below freezing. That’s because when the water or coolant in the radiator freezes, it won’t be able to circulate through the radiator to absorb the heat. It’s crucial to keep your water-coolant mixture at a safe level to keep the radiator cool and at peak condition.

Draining Battery

When you bought your Kia at Rio Rancho, the dealer probably gave you a few tips on how you can maximize its battery life. They may have also told you that car batteries normally lose around 35 percent of their capacity at freezing point. You don’t want that to happen at the worst possible time. You can avoid this issue by ensuring that the battery is fully charged and by not parking your vehicle outside. Installing a battery blanket may also give your battery extra protection against the cold.

Lose Traction on the Road

One of the hazards brought upon by winter is the slippery road. The risk can go from minimal to severe depending on how much snow and ice form on the road. Regular tires are not well-suited for this kind of road condition. You might want to consider temporarily replacing them with snow tires. These are tires with treads that provide extra traction on a snow- or ice-covered road.

Damage the Wipers

The extreme cold can make objects contract and become brittle. This is particularly true for parts of your vehicle exposed to outside air, such as the windshield wipers. Don’t be surprised to see splits and tears on your windshield wipers after a series of severe snowstorms. If you think their damage already prevents them from clearing away snow and moisture from your windshield, don’t hesitate to buy a new set.

Change in Tire Pressure

A drop in temperature can also affect tire pressure. When you notice heaviness in your driving or increased vibration, it’s likely that your tires have gained or lost pressure, and that can spell disaster on a slippery road. To avoid this problem, check your tire pressure before hitting the road. Look for the standard pressure on your car’s placard. If you’ve replaced your tires with snow tires, take note of the standard pressure of those tires.

Your car plays a huge part in your quality of life during the cold months. It can be your only means of transportation to and from work and for getting supplies. You car is also very important in case of an emergency So it’s important that you keep it in excellent condition at all times. Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.

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