Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Lease Your Next Vehicle

When you’ve got terrific credit, you love to switch cars every few years but can’t always afford to buy new, and you want to have your repairs covered, leasing is a great option. Other scenarios also make it beneficial to lease, so if you have your eye on a Volkswagen car lease in Bolingbrook, here are a few helpful questions to ask yourself before going in to arrange the lease at the dealership.

What Car Do You Want to Lease?

Since your lease is going to require a lower down payment and lower monthly payment than if you’d bought a car, you can really get your mindset on a car you want to drive, not just one you can afford to buy. Set your price range and pick your dream car to lease.

What’s Your Ideal Leasing Term?

Dealerships typically allow you to lease for anywhere in between 2 and 5 years. The majority of people find that the happy middle ground of 3 years is the ideal leasing term, but if you enjoy variety in your driving experiences, you may want to consider a 2-year lease. And if you’re certain that you’ll love the car, you might want to keep it in your life for as long as 5 years.

Do You Want Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance is additional protection in the event that your leased vehicle is totaled or stolen. The gap insurance company will step in and cover any difference in the amount you owe and the total price of the lease term. This is a very important thing to consider before leasing although not all people opt for gap coverage.

If you’ve covered all your bases and you’re ready for your Volkswagen car lease in Bolingbrook, it’s time to visit Hawk Volkswagen at to find out more.


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